Recently the essential oil has become available again for the first time (except in small amounts) in possibly 150 years. Purchase your essential oil here.

Skin Serum

Age-defying, nutrient dense, anti-oxidant rich, aroma-therapeutic botanical oil blend. Superfoods for your skin.

Clay Mask

Hawaiian Spirulina provides deep nourishment and a cool green color to your mask, while exotic healing clays gently pull away impurities & blockages, leaving your skin beautiful!

Hair Serum

The exotic & multi-useful hair serum. Its uses are many - it helps to condition, lock in moisture, repair split ends, tame frizziness, and create just the ‘right’ amount of body.

Sun Care

This botanical formula is designed to provide superior protection & healing from UVA sun damage, which is responsible for photoaging, causing damage such as premature wrinkling & potentially skin cancer.

Chocolate Perfume

Roses covered in chocolate is what this is all about. A lovely heart blend with a hint of passion, this Natural Chocolate Perfume is sure to delight.

Natural Mystic Blend

Natural Mystic Blend - Increse your ability to vibrate at higher frequencies, while rising in your power with grace and compassion. Integrate your brain hemispheres and activate your new meditative high.

Amber Rose Perfume

A dry amber blended with a sweet rose creating the perfect contrast and simple elegance that is never overpowering, but just right. Great for the days' activities as well as night time fun.

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